Kinesiology Regional Muscle Strengthening / Quick fixes



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When a muscle in an area is weak, or unable to perform as it should, other muscles take on their work for them. This often results in one muscle mot doing what it should, while another muscle overworks, leading to pain and injury. The idea with the regional muscle strengthening, is to bring balance and strengthen muscles in the area of your pain or injury. When we get the muscles in that area strengthened and working together as they should, your body is then able to begin to heal where it was previously unable to do so, and release any pain from muscles that were under stress from overwork.

For Pain or injury in:
Neck and shoulder area
Hands or fingers
Lower back, stomach and other core muscles

You should expect to do anything from 1 - 4 fixes, from which you may see an instantaneous improvement, or a progressive improvement over a longer period.
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In general, Kinesiology sessions work on multiple levels, from the physical to the emotional, from what is happening in your life now (in terms of nutrition, physical structure, muscle tone, emotion stressors), to the triggers of this problem earlier on.
If you would like to help yourself, but are not ready or don't want to delve that deep, try the regional muscle balancing "quick fixes". They can work brilliantly for pain and injury. This often potent "quick fix" works just on the physical side, strengthening the muscles in and around an area of pain or injury.

Emotional stress:
This quick fix (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very simple form or Kinesiology, which can none the less be effective in helping you to handle emotional stressors. It takes around 20min, and you can easily learn to do it for yourself at home, as a follow up to the session, or for other occasions.
Because of the extra skills that I have as a Kinesiologist, we can do some muscle testing to target your issue even more directly, making EFT even more helpful to you. Of course the full Kinesiology balance is going to be far more effective in solving emotional stressors, but it is a greater commitment. If you would like to try a quick fix first, book and EFT session with pleasure.

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