Testimonials and case studies

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Tracy's baby and the big hurl...*
I just finished a second session of Kinesiology on Tracy's delightful new baby. Shame man, from the day she was born, she has had re-flux - chucked up every time she drank. Her doctor recommended a schedule 5 drug and said she would have to stay on it for 6 months. When Tracy read the contraindications she chucked it in the bin immediately. No way Joze! Her results - 2 days after our first session, little Zoe stopped hurling - now she is just the queen of drool. Tracy also told me that she her sleeping is much better as a result of the session. We did a second session this morning, to tune her up again, and she left happy as a tick. 
Kinesiology Rocks!

Burt - tendonitis in the knee  *

I have been battling with tendonitis in my right knee for almost 6 months. I went for physio multiple times, but it made no difference. Within 2 days of the very first session with Angela, I felt a dramatic improvement. After a few sessions, I am back to doing strengthening and training once again, and my knee feels absolutely fine.


Kerry - Insomnia  *

Dear Angie,
Thank you so much for your help, I am sleeping perfectly again! You are a gem.



Daniel  - elbow injury *

Hi Angela

I came to see you last week about the pain in my elbow from an injury at Rugby. I could not believe it, the pain went away instantly when you did that one correction when you held above and below the elbow. Nothing that I did before helped! I kept waiting for the pain to come back but it seems to be totally fixed. You are a genius. Thank you!


Genevieve - wheat intolerance  *

My intolerance to wheat was getting so bad that I was suffering from bloating and discomfort on almost a daily basis. My body image was taking a serious knock due to my extended tummy too. I decided to try kinesiology as a solution and within 4 sessions, I am symptom free and eating wheat too! Thank you Angela for great work :) Genevieve, 32


Tracy Vorster - knee pain  *

A child hood jet-ski accident left me with discomfort in my knee most of the time, until one day it started hurting in a way that it never had before.

I panicked and thought for sure that the doctor’s premonition of a knee replacement at age 30 would come true. I tried giving it time to see if the pain would subside but it remained and some days got worse.

I had one Kinesiology session with Angela and the pain was reduced but I decided to still consult the Orthopedic surgeon who basically had no insight to offer me, besides some grim forecast for my future of possible amputation. Needless to say, I turned back to Kinesiology, which, after 2 sessions now, I am TOTALLY…. 100% Pain free !!!!!!!!!

I can’t explain it… It is what it is and it WORKED for me !!!!!

Thanks to Angela for helping me delve deeper into my subconscious to discover what my body needed in order to heal itself.

Take the ‘a’ off the end of her name, and you get Angel ;-)

Tina - shoulder pain  *

Hi Angie
I am so blown away by my body’s response to the kinesiology! A huge weight has lifted and the pain is no longer there. What a wonderful thing you have done thank you so much.

I will let you know if there are any changes during the next few weeks.

And 2 weeks later:

Hi Angie 
My shoulder is no longer in spasm and I haven’t had pain since. Kinesiology rocks!!!


 And another 3 weeks after that

BTW I haven’t had anymore problems or spasms with my shoulder!!! And I haven’t had any back pain since the treatment from you. Cool hey!


Sheila - personal development *

I am the type of person who does a lot of work on myself.  I have been doing that for many years and have seen much growth.  Nothing however comes even close to the growth I have seen in the last while as I have been having the kinesiology treatments.  It’s as if Ang and the kinesiology appeared just as I needed them most.  It all started with Ang noticing that I was having a really hard time – I was having to part with my foster child of over 4 years due to his violent behavior.  I was at the end of my tether.  Somehow as I have healed from this great loss and change a new me has emerged.  Ang and the kinesiology have been my constant support and partners in the process. It seems as though it has a way of unearthing the truth behind one’s behavoiur and then balancing you and supporting you in the changes you need to make.  What is deeply unconscious can come to the surface if you are prepared and have the courage to let it.  I felt a transformation in each and every session.  And then the support practices that I left each session with often helped that change to entrench.  None of this would be of any value if it wasn’t for Ang.  She is a true healer.  She is one of those people that makes you wonder “How does she know that? How can she have so much wisdom for someone so young?”  She listens, recognizes and feeds back to you in an inspirational, caring and humorous way.  She can talk you into a visualization like no–one I know.   What a precious person.   I think these treatments can take you as deep as you have the courage to go provided the healer knows and understands the deep places too.   Angie knows and understands and holds you there with loving kindness.

Thank you Ang.   Thank you for bringing this healing modality to me when I needed it most. Thanks for being so good at it.  I am eternally grateful to you.    



Tammy - Chronic fatigue  *

The couple of weeks after I saw you were fantastic! No migraines etc.  Unfortunately I had a bad spell over a few days after those weeks with a bad migraine, but it did go away gradually (with meds and physio).  I'm now in the US and feeling better than ever - yay!!  I had a better flight than I've ever had before and I'm still full of energy on my second day here - the work is amazing and I'm sooo glad to be here!!!  Thanks for all your help - I really feel alive again and ready to do what I love!  I'm also much kinder to myself when I'm not feeling well, but that definitely seems to be less often than it used to be.  Best of all, I'm not feeling limited by my illness now that I'm here which really feels good!
See you when I get back.
Love Tammy

Disclaimer: The testimonials above are written by some of my clients, about some of the effects they have experienced with Kinesiology. The journey of  healing, health and wellness is a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.