Self Esteem

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Self Esteem Training

Power life intensive training 21 June 2014


Have you felt or thought 

"I am not good enough"

"I don't fit in"

"I don't belong"

"I have no confidence"

"I am too shy"

"I don't want to be judged"

Do you lack value for your own options and ideas?

When people talk about feeling good about themselves, or loving themselves, do you think that is for others, and you couldn't feel that way about yourself?

When other seem so confident and self assured around you, do you wander what they have that you don't.

Did you know that you have a set point for self esteem, and that set point can be changed? Wouldn't you like to have belief and confidence in yourself, feel like you add value and deserve the respect of others, and feel like you could love or even just like yourself?

This is the program for you..

In this powerful 5 step program to great self esteem is guaranteed to:


Change your self esteem set point


Give you the skills to quieten and control the inner critic


Walk into a room of strangers with confidence.


Develop a sense of yourself that is strong, confident and compassionate


Give you a sense of your unique genius and how you are special in the world


Turn your thinking around, so that you are a powerful confident individual.


Learn about the enormous power of your mind to shape your life and reality and turn it into a tool to empower you. / turn your greatest self esteem enemy into your most empowering self esteem ally 


Make you more resilient and better able to weather stress and setbacks.


Learn to like and respect yourself, faults and all.


Make immediate, permanent changes to the way you perceive your self worth, and to the way you treat yourself.

On The Power Life Intensive we use advanced training techniques to create powerful achievable changes, that will literally turn your life around.

 Power life intensive program:

The power life intensive is a one day training from 9am to 8pm on a Saturday.

Your trainer:

Training is led by Angela Hardy, Adv dip Kin.
Angela is a frisky, fun loving red head. You will often find her entertaining the kids at parties, because, frankly, she finds running around and screaming with delight is more fun then behaving like and adult, sitting around wining about corruption or pot holes.
For the last 20 years she has a unstoppable fascination with how the brain works, and what it takes to change our patterns, and she has perused that knowledge with a deep passion.

In her work as a Kinesiologist and therapist at Cloud 9 she work she has massive success in working with clients to create great self esteem, well as in finding healing, both emotional and physical, and she adores it!

She thinks that being able to guide someone to step out of self doubt, unhappiness and lack of self worth and into realising the version of themselves that they truly love, is seriously cool.

The Power Life Intensive Training details:

Next Date: 21 June 2014, 9:00 am to 5pm.
Cost: R 2499.00
Bookings confirmed with full payment by 1 June 2014 with receive a one on one kinesiology session with Angela personally valued at R 690.
Kinesiology is a powerful tool for uncovering old programs, experiences and paradigms, and eradicating them from your entire mind body system. For more about kinesiology and how it works,


Want to dip your feet in for a preview? No problem.

Get great free video content from Angela, simply visit her Blog and check out some of her you tube videos and other blog posts.

Angela also periodically does free training sessions, if you would like to attend the next one, contact Cloud 9 on to get onto the waiting list for upcoming dates.

"Self Flagellation and the diabolical monkey choir"
Developing great self esteem
. (2 hour training)
In this exciting, energetic, fun and FREE kick off session to the "Power life intensive" training, you will learn:

- Two of the ultimate secrets to great self esteem, which will allow you to make a fundamental change in the way that you think. 
- Exactly how to use two of my favourite tools so that you instantly and continually improve your self esteem set point.

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