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About Touch for Health (TFH)

TFH is a holistic approach to health and healing. It is essentially a way of jump starting the body's natural healing system, to enable self healing to take place. For detail on how the body works to heal itself, on mind body, and your capacity to heal, and how Kinesiology in general works click here.
The bottom line is that, although your body is designed with just about everything you need to self heal, there are times when your healing system is "out of balance" and not working to full capacity and therefore not able to do it's job as it should. At times like this, outside correction is needed to bring the body back into balance.

TFH is not a medical practice, and therefore, does not deal with diagnosis or cure of any named disease. Instead, it benefits the mental, emotional and physical well being, allowing the natural healing mechanism of the body to strengthen and self healing to take place.

Touch for Health is a layman's version of Kinesiology. It makes use of some of the best of the best methods used in Kinesiology to bring the body back into balance so that it can heal. The course is aimed not only at the layman, but also as an add on to the skill set of medical professionals, and holistic healers.

Touch For Health can be learned in 4 weekends (around 60 hours). There are no pre-requisites to studying TFH, apart from a willingness to become self sufficient and responsible for one's own health. Not only is it a practical and transportable skill, but it is inexpensive to learn, and to practice.

Touch For health Training Course

By learning Touch For Health, you are learning an extremely powerful tool to help take control of your own health and that those you love or care for.
The course is 4 modules with a total of 60 hours, and is taught over 4 weekends (one module per weekend) 
Cost full cost of the course is R 4499.
Alternatively, you could take the course module by module at your leisure at R 1500 per module.

Upcoming Touch For Health Course dates


Upcoming Touch For Health Course dates

 Saturday the 1st April and Saturday 6th May 2012 TFH 1

Saturday 27th May  and Saturday 2nd June 2012 TFH 2

Saturday the 24th June and 1st July 2012 TFH 3

Saturday the 29th July and 4th of August TFH 4

You will learn techniques that work on:
Emotional stress - current or past trauma
Physical Pain
Ongoing injuries
low energy
Concentration and learning difficulties
Reading problems in terms of comprehension, tiredness and dyslexic patterns, even eyesight
Testing for food sensitivities or allergies
Goal setting

Mini courses

If you want to dip your toe in a little slower, join one of our 3 to 7 hour mini courses as listed below. Please contact Cloud 9 to enquire about the dates.

Kinesiology for Kids (3 hours) - for improved learning and co-ordination
Kinesiology offers many excellent techniques for children to help them with improving co-ordination, clearer thinking, concentration, balance, listening, handwriting, learning, reading and comprehension and dealing with stress.
In this course both parents and children can learn these techniques.

Eat right, live right (3 hours) - learn to test for food sensitivities and allergies
Muscle testing is invaluable for identifying foods to which you and your children may be sensitive. There are a myriad of physical symptoms that may indicate a food sensitivity or allergy - Mood swings, low energy, to runny eyes, headaches, post nasal drip, catarrh, constipation/diarrheoa and many many more Click here for a full list

Taking in food one is sensitive to, can lead to impaired liver function, impaired immune function, which can lead to persistent infections, recurring middle ear problems and digestion problems. This in turn can lead to bed wetting, nightmares, poor sleep, poor concentration and difficult behaviour.

In this 3 hour course, you will learn the art of muscle testing to check for food sensitivities, and allergies. To recognize the signs of food sensitivities. To identify foods that add energy to a person and that they will find easy to digest, and, those that make them feel tired and are hard to digest.

This course is especially useful if you have children. If your child has particular problems with hyper activity, concentration, infections etc this course is a must.

Date of next course: Thursday the 1st December at 6pm.
Venue: Cloud 9 Craighall Park JHB
Time: 6-9pm
Cost: Normal cost R  750 on special for this date only at R 300 (that is a 60% discount)
Booking and advance payment is essential to secure your place.

Questions about Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Touch for Health training or Mini courses: or contact Angela on 011 788-9934


This is what John F Thie D.C. the creator of the Touch for Health course has to say:

"I treasure the Touch For Health Synthesis. I see it as a candle lighting others way to better health and living. And I believe each one of us holds such a candle - perhaps as yet unlit - that can serve to guide those we cherish safely towards a more abundant life. I believe that families and individuals need help in becoming more competent in caring for themselves. Our endeavors are to share information that will enhance personal power in health improvement, disease prevention and releasing natural healing energies.

We believe that our world will be a better place when more people are having more peak performances and "personal bests" in all of their activities. The potential for having these peak performance is increased when the body is balanced using the TFH methods.

In 1970 I created Touch for Health. I wanted people to understand that there is always hope, no matter what their age of physical condition. Chiropractic, Kinesiology, nutrition, acupressure - all I'd studies and knew really worked - were translated into practical techniques people could use with themselves and their loved ones at home. Since 1970 millions of pope have experienced the help that Touch for health has given.