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  If you like these blogs.....I have Free training opportunities for your group

If you find these blogs interesting, and looking for a speaker or training for an event, please contact me on You will find the 2 of the introductory trainings I do most regularly, below. 

bullet"Self Flagellation and the diabolical monkey choir"
Developing great self esteem
. (2 hour training)
In this exciting, energetic, fun kick off session to the "Power life intensive" training,
you will learn:

- Two of the ultimate secrets to great self esteem, which will allow you to make a fundamental change in the way that you think. 
- Exactly how to use two of my favourite tools so that you instantly and continually improve your self esteem set point.

bullet"Happy every after"
The key to great relationships (2 hour training)
How many times have you heard that having a great relationship takes work? The only problem is that what exactly that work is, remains a vague, rather nebulous concept.
In this exciting, energetic, kick off session to the "Connected life intensive" training you will learn:
Two extraordinary ways to "work" to ensure a great relationship, and exactly how to pull them off.


Angela Hardy's Blog topics

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Disclaimer: The journey of  healing, health and wellness is a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.