Emotional intelligent technique for

impulse and emotional eating control

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  If you have done the food diary exercise, you have a much better idea by now of what your emotional cues for eating that does not support you goal/health.

This Emotional intelligence technique is designed for all areas of life where we are responding to cues in a way that does not work for us, not just for food cues.

Begin practicing the technique below when you recognize the cues, in order to work through those cues, until they are not longer an issue for you.

1. Stop and calm down and give yourself time to think before you act.

2. Say the problem and how you feel (identify the emotion)

3. Set a positive goal (positive - no no's or don't or won't use positive language only)

4. Think or lots of solutions (in the case of food, positive ways to sooth the cue)  You always have choices on how to respond to an emotion - the more you can choose from, the richer your life can be.

5. Think ahead to the consequences (engage with your future self - and the goal you are working towards)

6. Go ahead with the best plan


10 steps for developing Emotional Quotient in General

1. Use three word sentences beginning with "I feel...."

2. Start labeling feelings, stop labeling people

3. Analyze your own feelings rather then the actions and motivations of others

4. Ask others how they feel on a scale of 0-10

5. Make time to reflect on your feelings

6. Identify your unmet emotional needs

7. Identify your fears and desires

8.Take responsibility for your emotions and happiness - stop blaming others for your feelings, and stop expecting them to make you happy

9. Express your feelings, find out who cares and spend time with them

10. Develop the courage to follow your feelings

Managing negative feelings:


Why does it bother me

What are my beliefs

Are some of my beliefs dysfunctional to me

What are my needs

How can I meet them by myself - reframe the situation as a growth opportunity, change additive demands to preferences.