Home work and exercises

If you are not willing to learn, No one can help you. If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you.


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Massage Course
Goal setting
Other processes

Choose from the list below to access the information you need for the homework you have been given:

General homework

Allergy info and food rotation diet info

Blame frame

Paradoxical intention technique

EFT Technique (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Cleanses (Detox and cleanses for the various systems in the body)

GI index info and chart

The Immune system - how it works visit www.niaid.nih.gov

Setting smart goals,   Importance of Goal setting research

Byron Katie - The work  (see little book download on the Rt of the page)

Laws of attraction worksheet

Candida Support program

Addiction questionnaires

Test your sensitivity

Recommended Ted Talks links

Weight loss homework

Calories (noun) - tiny creatures that live in your cupboard and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.

After your first kinesiology session for weight loss, please do all of the following exercises:

Emotional Eating and food diary instructions

Emotional intelligence techniques and information

Excuses and Justifications

Food cues

The consistency technique

Eating rules


And browse through and consider the following information:

Portion sizes and healthy eating

Speeding up your metabolism

Influence of Stress on Weight