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(Please note: Names and any identifiable details have been changed to protect the anonymity and privacy of clients)


Below you will find some of my favorite Kinesiology success stories. These are the wow stories that have thrilled me. There are, of course, loads of other stories. Some take longer and are less wow, some are around softer issues like relationships, self esteem, emotional issues, some are about how kinesiology has supported longer process of healing and personal growth. But these are the ones that are exciting, and inspire me to get writing.....

Muscular pain (shoulder and neck)


Muscle injury



Motion sickness




Quick fixes for:

Tennis elbow / Lateral epicondylitis


Lower back pain


Shoulder spasm and pain  *

Tina is a 27 year old female, the single child of divorced parents. She if slim, healthy in appearance. She goes to gym and Pilates classes occasionally.

She came to see me with low physical energy, and serious pain in her right shoulder and neck which goes into spasm regularly, and is constantly tight and sore. This pain has been with her for years.

On the day of our session the pain was a 9 out of 10 – pretty intense.


She usually manages the pain by visiting the chiropractor, but has not been for a while, and by regular Pilates, and  yoga. The pain is easily aggravated by long periods of studying and sitting in front of the computer. She has tried various other modalities for the pain, such as physio, massage, cupping, acupuncture, chiropractor – but none of these has made a long term difference to her condition. 


During the session:

During this session we did a fair amount of physical corrections on Tina. And several discussions around her difficulty in dealing with her emotions, confidence in herself and her choices both in her career and studies. During the session she realized a need for her to develop a better support system for herself, and allow herself to ask for help and to talk to her friends more about her doubts and fears. She also realized that she does not trust her gut enough – she spends a lot of time in her head trying to reason everything out and supporting excuses for others and herself, and ignoring her intuition. She is determine to work on that.


Session outcome.

At the end of just one session Tina had a dramatic decrease of pain from 9 out of 10 to just ˝ out of 10.

I received the following email from her 3 days after the session.

Hi Angie

I am so blown away by my body’s response to the kinesiology! A huge weight has lifted and the pain is no longer there.

What a wonderful thing you have done thank you so much.

I will let you know if there are any changes during the next few weeks.



And a week later:

Hi Angie

My shoulder is no longer in any pain at all. Kinesiology rocks!!!

And another 3 weeks after that

BTW I haven’t had anymore problems or spasms with my shoulder!!! And I haven’t had any back pain since the treatment from you. Cool hey!


Shoulder injury  *


Tanya is a 39 old massage therapist who came to me with a shoulder injury in her left shoulder. She has had this injury for the last 6 months. She says it arrived out of the blue, no falls, wrench or anything to bring it on, just got sore and subsequently the injury gave her pain every time she lifted her arm up above shoulder height. She had visited the physio several times, but the injury was not getting better.

Her pain level at the time of her visit was around a 5 out of 10


During the session:

This was a very short and effective session. We did a correction called postural stress release, where she had to place her body into the various postures that she usually used during her massages, while at the same time using a stress releasing technique called Frontal Occipital holding. We also explored where criticism was affecting her relationship with the people she worked with.


Session outcome:

By the end of the single session she had no pain at all in her shoulder, and the injury has never returned.

This is what she has to say:


"Hi Angie, what a brilliant success the kinesiology was for me. Thank you so much, my shoulder is completely healed and I feel great!"


6 months later her shoulder is still perfect.



Motion sickness  *


Janet came to me with the problem of regular motion sickness, especially in a cars and on boats. She was going to her brother's wedding on board a cruise ship, and wanted to deal with this issue before the event so that she would not spend the entire weekend in misery. We did 2 sessions together around this issue


During the sessions:

Along with a host of physical and energetic corrections, the most interesting revelation from these sessions came when during an age recession to the age of 7yrs old, where Janet recalled an incident of her parents fighting with each other. She recalled being very concerned that her parents (who fought often) would get divorced. She has realized that the lack of control that she felt at that age, about what would happen to her family, and her fear about it, is strongly linked to what she calls her "control freak" nature. She has connected this need for control in her life to other adult issues, like how she feels almost physically ill if everything does not go according to plan with an event that she has put together.


Session outcome:
Janet no longer suffers from motion sickness.


"The boat trip was great, and the wedding went off beautifully - no throwing up on the bride! Thanks for your help, I am really chuffed."



ME  *

When Tony came to me with ME, he was suffering from pretty severe symptoms. Regular fever, muscle craps and extreme pain, migraine headaches, not to mention the regular bouts of exhaustion which sent him off to bed for days at a time. Over the 4 sessions that we have done together, he has seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of muscular pain and cramps, he now rarely gets a migraine, and not only has better energy, but is more focused and able to concentrate for much longer periods. For the first time since this started he is feeling like he could actually get well again.


"Thanks Ang, the kinesiology has really made a difference for me, I am so grateful"


Tennis elbow quick fix  *

Bonny, as top cyclist and massage therapist, had 5/10 pain and inflammation in her right elbow. She put the pain down to the angle of the arm when riding on her road bike. The injury was causing her pain when riding, and while working. With just one quick session (about 25 min) of checking the surrounding arm muscles and fixing those that were weak by rubbing certain points on the body, her pain completely disappeared.


"Wow, that worked like a charm, my arm feels great, I have no pain at all"


Susan, a badminton player, about to play a week long tournament, suffered from pain in the shoulder, and mild tennis elbow. After a 20 min regional muscle balance on her shoulder girdle and arms, her pain was down from a 6/10 to a 4/10 after. However after a couple of days the pain was completely gone, and did not come back at all during her intense 1 week tournament.


"I'm blown away"


Lower back pain quick fix  *

Bonny, a fellow Kinesiologist very kindly did a core balance quick fix for pain I have had for about 2 months in my lower back. This current pain was around a 3/10 when I leaned forward, and about a 5/10 in the after playing badminton. The quick fix took about 35 min, and by the time we were done, the pain had reduced dramatically. That was last night. This morning I have no pain at all. I have subsequently played a week long badminton tournament with no pain at all

"Whooo hooo!" Angela


I used this same core muscle balance on another badminton player who regularly gets lower back when he plays. Throughout the tournament - no sign of pain in the lower back!



*Disclaimer: The journey of  healing, health and wellness is a deeply individual experiences, how long it takes and the results achieved, do vary from person to person.