Changing your rule set


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  We make so many choices about food everyday, it is wearying on the brain. In her fascinating book "The  will power technique" Kelly Mc Gonigal says that the part of the brain that takes care of pause/control gets weary of making decisions, and as that happens, our decision making gets worse and worse.  She recommends that you set in place rules buy which you address food and other will power challenges, so that the decision is already made once, and you know what it is when you are faced with it.

So start to make a list of the places where you find it hard to make good, healthy food choices, and put in place some rules that you will follow in those circumstances.

eg: I eat desert/pastries no more then once a week. Or I only eat desert after a meal if I am sharing it with someone. Or I eat only 1 good quality chocolate once a month. I never eat a starter and desert along with my main meal when I go out. I only snack with a single fruit between meals. I eat takeaways no more then twice a month. etc.

Find rules that dear with your particular problem areas, and that you feel like you can work with. there is not point in putting in place a rule that you are unwilling to stick with.