Stress and health

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Why finding a way to deal with your emotional stressors matters

Doctors maintain that 90% of people that come to them have illnesses that are stress related. Rather then recognizing the symptoms of stress for what they are, we often try to desensitize ourselves or disassociate ourselves from the symptoms. When we are so frightened that we can’t eat, we tell ourselves we have indigestion. When anxiety robs us of sleep we talk about insomnia. Chronic tight back – we have a back problem.

 In the first stages of stress, our body responds with alarm to a stressor – diverting our body’s resources towards dealing with the specific stress. The result is our general resistance to disease is weakened. With prolonged stress our resources become exhausted, the immune system becomes depleted and the body begins to break down.  

The biggest problem with stress arises when we do not respond with a fight-or-flight reaction to stress stimulus. Immobility is interpreted by the subcortex as evidence of insufficient preparation for fight or flight, and the body response by initiating more stress hormones. We experience this response as mounting tension.

Finding a way to change your thinking, attitudes and responses (especially those habitual stress responses that we learned early on in life, and have never managed to get past) is a key component to improving, even recreating health. Mostly these habits are programmed so deep in the unconscious survival systems of the brain, that even recognizing that we have them is not enough to change our patterns. With Kinesiology we can access and reprogram that survival brain for a better, more mature outcome.